Foundation Onda is dedicated to changing the world one woman at a time, from the outside in.

Onda, which means wave in Italian, reflects this spiritual sea change. It recalls the ocean’s aptitude to renew itself with every tide—just as women have an unrivaled ability to overcome adversity and begin anew. Onda also reflects our belief in the ripple affect, that one action leads to another and that one life affects endless others. We believe that bringing even temporary hope to a woman can create that fundamental first wave, incrementally bettering her day …her life …the world.

To support our mission, we partner with conscientious companies and individuals to collect beauty, fashion and wellness products, which are donated to a charity dedicated to helping women survive and rise from crises.

In desperate situations, something as simple as a tube of lipstick or a bottle of shampoo can provide a moment’s reprieve, allowing a woman’s self-respect and inner strength to reignite. Far more than objects, these products acknowledge her existence and personal worth and encourage her to endure. They remind her to dream again, despite and beyond her present circumstance. They are small symbols that work to renew her confidence, empowering her to reclaim her agency and her future.